Welcome to ‘The Budokan Backwell Judo Club’

The Budokan Backwell Judo Club has been running in Backwell since 1989.
We run five classes per week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
We teach from a purpose built dojo (training hall), which has a permanently laid Tatami (mat), changing rooms, toilets and a viewing area.
We aim to provide at least two Black Belt instructors on all classes.
Instruction is provided in the traditional art of Judo, in particular the style of Kyushindo Judo as taught by the late Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.
Students are encouraged to participate in the many facets of judo: break-falling techniques, throwing techniques, groundwork techniques, competition, teaching and kata (pre-arranged forms).
The ethos of our club is to help our students build self-esteem and confidence and to learn from a wide range of life skills such as self-discipline, concern for others, correct etiquette and overall personal development.