The grading syllabus, laid down by The Kyu Shin Kai is intended as a framework of study to be used as a guide by both instructors and students. When following this syllabus, it is freely recognized that the same technique practiced by different individuals may vary, in both form and application, in accordance with many factors, while not detracting from the basic principles of Kyu Shin Do.

Whereas technical proficiency forms the basis of the grading examination, other factors such as effort, enthusiasm and attitude are also considered. Promotion through the grades is therefore structured around a student fulfilling his or her potential rather than as a fixed standard of ability to be achieved.

Ability in contest is also recognized by the grading system, particularly at advanced grade level, but is not a prerequisite to promotion. Indeed it is recognized that individual students practice judo for a variety of different reasons, and progress through the higher rankings can reflect this diversity. In other words if, at advanced level, students choose to concentrate their study on a particular aspect of judo such as kata, competition judo, coaching or self defense, then they can be awarded grades accordingly.

Junior Grades

1-4 White bars leading to White Belt
1-4 Yellow bars leading to Yellow Belt
1-4 Orange bars leading to Orange Belt
1-4 Green bars leading to Green Belt
1-4 Blue bars leading to Blue Belt
1-4 Brown bars leading to Brown Belt
1-5 Black bars leading to Black Belt

Senior Grades

White Belt
Yellow Belt
Orange Belt
Green Belt
Blue Belt
Brown Belt

Black Belt
1st Dan
2nd Dan
3rd Dan
4th Dan
5th Dan

Watch the videos below to see how the Nage No Kata and the Kateme No Kata works!