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The grading syllabus, laid out by the Kyu Shin Kai as a framework of study to be used as a guide by both instructors and students. It is freely recognised that the same technique practised by different individuals may vary, in both form and application, in accordance with many factors, while not detracting from the basic principles of the Kyu Shin Do.

Whilst technical ability is the basis of the grading, other factors such as effort, enthusiasm and attitude are also considered. Promotion through the grades is therefore structured around a student fulfilling their potential rather than a fixed standard of ability to be achieved.

As Judoka progress through the grades and our belt system to signify how far they have progressed through the grades. With each new belt achieved will bring new throws and groundholds to learn for the next grading. The junior grading system allows Judoka to progress through the grades and, though they might not achieve a new full belt at a grading, can continue their journey to becoming a Junior Black Belt.

Seniors do not get bars but instead progress one belt at a time. The only time seniors obtain bars is when they are going for their 1st Dan Black Belt where they get bars for: 

  • Nage No Kata

  • Katame No Kata

  • Counters, Combinations & Self Defence

  • Contest

  • Teaching

  • Technical​

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