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Registration and Disclaimer

Section 1: Please complete this section with the participants details.

SECTION 2: Participants are advised that the art of Judo can be dangerous and that they are not insured against any injuries sustained whilst taking part. Participants also agree to totally and completely indemnify the above name Club, Instructors and the Venue in respect to any injury caused to themselves or any person during the session.

SECTION 3: By signing this form I state that:

  • The information in Section 1 is true and correct.

  • I/the student fully understand the information in Section 2.

  • I am/the student is medically fit to undertake physical training of this nature.

  • I/the student undertake to abide by the rules of the Backwell Judo Club, as explained by its instructors.

  • I/the student accept that, whilst all reasonable steps are taken to ensure that classes and courses are delivered in a safe and reasonable manner, the instructors are not legally responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur whilst training at the Club.

  • I/the student understand that I am expected to maintain a standard of behaviour, both during training and in general, which will not bring The Backwell Judo Club into disrepute.

We would also like to request permission for photos to be taken of you/your child for use on the club website and/or on recruitment material. If you are happy to provide permission for photos to be taken please tick the box.

I agree that:
Thanks for submitting!
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